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Read this before you Resign

By | Harit Nagpal | MD & CEO at Tata Sky Ltd

Both our children surprised us in the last few days by announcing change of jobs. 

The times they are growing up in, the geographies they live in and their areas of specialization, do not offer much scope for us to add value to their job change decisions. Hence, we do not expect them to consult us before taking these calls. I did not consult my parents while moving firms, roles, cities & countries, for the same reason.

However, I did vet my children’s movement decisions, against certain parameters, which I’ve loosely put together from my years of working. Let me list them:

·      Diversity: 

o   Over 35 years, I’ve worked in 6 companies, each one in a different industry. While my core reason for not working in two firms, in the same industry, may have been rooted in loyalty for the brand that I’d have helped build, in effect it helped me borrow principles & practices from one industry and use them in another.

o   In the first 25 years of my career, I never stayed in one position for more than 24 months, barring once when I was in one role for 42 months. If I did not see change coming after 12-18 months, I started making appropriate noises, seeking change of role, function or geography and when I did not see anything worthwhile coming my way, I moved companies.

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