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Learning Trends: Employer Apps for Employees

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Employee retention is always top of mind among HR professionals but especially when recruiting is difficult and turnover is high. Employee retention is one of the many reasons employers look for ways to improve the employee experience and try to determine the best investments that will have the most impact on retention while providing a return on investment (ROI).

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Right now, one of the trends we’re seeing in this space is the move toward using more employee apps. Employers have begun using apps for payroll services, the Human Resources information system (HRIS) (or something similar), social interaction, team communication, etc.

They’re finding that employee engagement levels remain high with new software if there’s an app version employees can use from anywhere. With the prevalence of smartphones, the vast majority of employees have become accustomed to doing more on their phones than ever before. Some HR functions have used employee access apps for years, while others have only recently become more prevalent. Either way, apps are a way to drive employee utilization numbers. Learning and development (L&D) apps are no exception to this

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