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Key Reasons to Digitize an Employee Recognition Program

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Employee recognition is one of the key HR strategies for any organization today. Hence, it is not surprising that an organization would have already digitized or is looking to digitize its employee recognition program and make it more efficient and effective.

Digitization of key business processes has become necessary for organizations to stay competitive and progressive during rapidly changing modern times.

According to a recent industry report, 70% of organizations, including 38% of traditional businesses have already adopted a digital transformation strategy.

What is the need to digitize an employee recognition program?

Let’s look at the key reasons for an organization to digitize its employee recognition program:

1. Enhances Employee Experience

With Gen Z and millennials constituting a majority of the workforce, a technology-enabled employee recognition program is bound to enhance employee experience. For a generation of employees who are completely comfortable with e-commerce, social media and mobile apps, digitization of the employee recognition program is almost like a no-brainer.

Digitization can enhance the employee experience manifold, leading to greater employee participation and engagement, which in turn can lead to higher motivation, performance and productivity of the workforce.

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