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Coach Training for you — Transactional or Transformational?

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With just one day to go for the start of a new batch of ICF coach training, my mind is full of the same. We chose to take a break for a couple of months, so we did not start an ICF-approved program since the start of the last batch on January 30, 2021. After two and a half months, we all at Regal Unlimited are looking forward to it. A lot of work goes into the admission process. Depth of participants, their preparedness, heterogeneity of the batch, experience from diverse areas, and of course, gender-composition, all are elements of the batch… Last week leading to the D-day is almost like month-end pressure at all my 21 years’ BFSI roles. With one day to go, a sense of peace returns. Having done everything to start off a new batch, it is a good time to just surrender to the Universe.

Then I come across this beautiful article, on The Speaking Tree, Economic Times. The article reminds me of the 3 routes to salvation — Jnana (intellectual knowledge), Karma (selfless action), and Bhakti (devotion). The article confirms my bias (😁) the universally accepted dictum including by greatest philosophers including Adi Shankara (one of my favorites, whom I refer to as an example for Hero’s Journey — Joseph Campbell).

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