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70 HR Metrics With Examples ( build your own dashboard )

Source | LinkedIn : By Issam Assaf

Human Resources (HR) manages people — including hiring, on-boarding, performance, firing, off-boarding, benefits, development and compensation. But who manages HR?

Executive oversight of HR is key to cost management, productivity, business development and competitiveness. Regular reporting of HR metrics is a good tool for managing any Human Resources department.

Please download the followings great samples of HR Dashboard and Annual report

1- Ms Excel Dashboard Example  Download 

2- Annual Human Resources Full Report Example Download 

3- Extra Bonus 🙂 HR tools in excel Download 

If you need help in the setting up the excel dashboard please send me a message on LinkedIn 

The following 70 HR metrics are illustrative. The metrics you choose should be closely aligned with your industry, business and strategy.

HR Cost

  1. HR Cost per Employee
    How much is the company spending on HR ? Example: HR cost per employee was $590.

    2. HR Cost vs Revenue 
    HR cost was 0.54% of revenue.

HR Responsiveness

  1. Average Response Time (ticket open with HR)
    Employees open tickets with HR to ask questions, raise issues and provide feedback. How fast is HR’s initial response? Example: average ticket response was 12.3 minutes.

    4. Average Resolution Time (ticket open with HR)
    Average ticket resolution time was 34.5 hours.

Issue Management

  1. HR Complaints by Category
    How many complaints were logged with HR? Complaint metrics are often broken down by category (e.g. harassment). Example: 12 complaints of harassment.

    6. Average Complain Resolution Time
    How long does it take to resolve a complaint? Example: average complaint resolution time was 13 business days.

    7. Legal Costs
    Legal costs related to HR issues. Example: HR related legal costs were $45,459 for the quarter.

    8. Settlement Costs and Penalties
    Costs of fines and legal settlements related to HR issues. Example: HR related settlements and penalties totalled $1.2 million for the quarter.


  1. Cost per Hire 
    Costs per hire for recruiting, hiring and onboarding. Example: the average cost per hire was $22,127.

    10. Hiring Cycle Time  
    Time from hiring requisition date to start date. Example: average hiring cycle time was 5.8 months.

    11. Hiring Fill Rate 
    How many positions are filled after 6 months? Example: the 6 month hiring fill rate was 58%.

    12. Offer Acceptance Rate
    How often does the preferred candidate accept the position? Often broken down by job level. Example: the offer acceptance rate was 55.5% for level 3 executives.

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